Nissan’s Strategy to Address the EV Supply Chain Challenge & Level Up with China

As the conversion to electric vehicles (EV) accelerates, automakers worldwide are grappling with an array of challenges, particularly in the supply chain. China, in particular, poses a daunting challenge with its extensive EV market and supply chain dominance. Catching up China, Nissan is formulating strategies and setting high targets. This article will delve into the current EV supply chain challenges, China’s EV landscape, and Nissan’s approach towards these challenges.

The EV Supply Chain Challenge

Graph showcasing the raw materials required for EV batteries

Several factors contribute to the EV supply chain challenge. Chief amongst these is the sourcing and availability of key raw materials like lithium, nickel, and graphite needed to manufacture batteries. Additionally, there are logistical challenges in coordinating complex supply chain networks spanning different countries.

Catching up China’s EV Landscape

Map of China highlighting its domination in the EV market

China presents a unique challenge being the world’s largest producer and consumer of EVs. The country’s dominance over the global supply chain, control over key EV components, subsidization, and policy support have created a solid foothold in this sector that’s hard to shake.

Nissan Aims High to Address the Challenge

Nissan logo with its strategic goals to conquer EV market

To bridge this gap and build a more robust position in the EV market, Nissan is focusing on expanding its EV lineup and strengthening EV supply chain management. The automaker is also investing heavily in automotive cutting-edge technologies and carving up collaborations with suppliers to advance their initiatives.



The fast-paced advancement of the EV industry might be evolving dynamically, but with strategic leaps and strategic alliances, automakers like Nissan can catch up and potentially outpace China in the long run.

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