BDEW’s Game-Changing Move: Special Tender for Agrivoltaic Projects for Solar Energy Expansion

BDEW, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, is calling for a special tender for agrivoltaic projects to help drive the expansion of solar energy. This comes in the wake of an increasing need for renewable energy sources, and amidst the potential of agrivoltaics for long-term ecological benefits and energy sustainability.

Understanding the Benefits of Agrivoltaic Projects

Image showcasing the concept of Agrivoltaic projects

Agrivoltaic projects – the synergistic combination of agricultural activity and solar photovoltaic systems – offers a multi-faceted solution to the challenge of optimizing energy production and agricultural yield on the same piece of land.

Why BDEW is Advocating for Agrivoltaic

Image demonstrating BDEW

BDEW sees the potential of agrivoltaic projects to significantly contribute to the energy transition. By integrating solar panels within farmland, the dual-use system can secure energy production and maintain agricultural use, all while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Function of Special Tenders in Supporting Agrivoltaic Projects

Image regarding the role of special tenders in fostering Agrivoltaic projects

Special tenders could provide financial support for these ambitious agrivoltaic projects. This funding could encourage more extensive research and development, drive down installation costs, and facilitate greater deployment of these systems across the country.

Propelling Solar Energy Expansion

By calling for special tenders, BDEW aims to accelerate the expansion of solar energy, helping Germany meet its renewable energy targets and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.

In summary, BDEW’s advocacy for special tenders shows its commitment to advancing renewable energy and supporting innovative initiatives like agrivoltaic projects. It also highlights the importance of policy support in the proliferation and growth of solar energy.

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