Rystad Energy Predicts: Renewable Energy to Draw Even with Traditional Power in Spain by 2023

In a recent report, Rystad Energy, a reputable independent energy research and business intelligence company, forecasts that renewable energy will account for 50% of power generation in Spain by 2023. This remarkable shift toward sustainable energy practices is expected to be a major milestone for Spain and global renewable energy efforts.

A Paradigm Shift Towards Sustainability


The report suggests that Spain is on the fast track to reducing its dependency on fossil fuels and transitioning more towards renewable energy sources. This move is in line with the global push towards sustainability and improving energy efficiency. Spain’s commitment to the Paris Agreement plays a significant role in this transformation.

Spain’s Renewables Potential

Solar panels harnessing Spain

Spain’s geographical location and climatic conditions are ideally suited for renewable energy generation, particularly from wind and solar. There are already numerous successful wind farms and solar parks throughout the country, and Spain is widely recognized as a global leader in renewable energy.

The Impact on Spanish Economy

New job opportunities and economic growth driven by Spain

This progression towards sustainable energy is likely to positively impact the Spanish economy. Increased focus on renewable energy will lead to job creation, infrastructure development, and could stimulate economic growth.

Implications for the Global Energy Scene

Rystad’s report on Spain’s renewable energy prospects serves as an evident indication that renewable energy sources can compete with traditional power generation methods. It validates the investment in renewable technologies on both a national and international scale.

In conclusion, the report from Rystad Energy is a promising indicator of the tremendous potential of renewable energy in reshaping power generation landscapes, not just in Spain but on a global scale. It’s a glimpse into a future where renewable energy stands shoulder-to-shoulder with traditional power generation methods.

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