Step-by-Step Guide: Retrofitting BMW CarPlay into a 2016 or Older Car

Have you recently acquired an older BMW model and wish to have the convenience of Apple CarPlay? It’s your lucky day! This guide will walk you through retrofitting BMW CarPlay into a 2016 or older car.

Understanding Apple CarPlay and its Benefits

Apple CarPlay displaying on car

Apple CarPlay allows you to use your car’s built-in display to access, control, and view the information on your iPhone. It makes navigating, sending messages, making calls, and playing music much safer and more convenient.

Steps to Retrofit Your BMW with CarPlay

CarPlay MMI Prime Retrofit Kit

Follow these simple steps to retrofit your vehicle with Apple CarPlay:
1. Purchase a CarPlay MMI Prime Retrofit Kit – specifically designed for BMW cars.
2. Install the CarPlay MMI box in the glove compartment.
3. Connect the MMI box to the car’s screen and sound system.
4. Install the CarPlay interface on your car’s screen and pair your iPhone with it.

Things to Consider When Retrofitting

Installing CarPlay MMI box in glove compartment

While retrofitting, consider the following points:
1. Make sure your car’s firmware is updated.
2. Ensure the CarPlay MMI box is compatible with your BMW model.
3. Always follow the instructions provided in the kit to avoid any technical glitches.

The Benefits of Retrofitting Your BMW with CarPlay

Apple CarPlay interface on car

Retrofitting your BMW with CarPlay will provide a streamlined interface, ensure safe usage of your iPhone while driving, and even boost your vehicle’s resale value. It’s absolutely worth considering!

In conclusion, retrofitting your older BMW model with Apple CarPlay can transform your driving experience, ensuring that you can enjoy all the functionality of your iPhone safely and conveniently while on the road. Remember, retrofitting should be carried out meticulously, following all instructions provided, to guarantee a flawless result.

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