Revolutionizing Clean Energy: Agrisolar Project By Insolight in Swiss Raspberry Field with 160 KW Capacity

In this era of sustainability, the breakthrough of Insolight, a photovoltaic module manufacturer installing a 160 KW Agrisolar project in a Swiss Raspberry Field, is of monumental significance. This successful commissioning acts as a beacon of solar energy advancements in agriculture. Let’s delve deep.

Agrisolar Project: A Symbiotic Relationship

Close-up view of the solar panels installed in the Swiss raspberry field

Agrisolar is a farming method where solar panels and crops co-exist in the same land. This project by Insolight emphasizes a perfect symbiotic relationship between raspberry crops and photovoltaic modules.

The Pioneering Role of Insolight


Insolight’s expertise in creating high-efficiency photovoltaic modules played a critical role in this project. The 160 KW installed capacity ensures a robust and reliable energy source for the Swiss raspberry field, making Insolight a pivotal player in renewable energy.

Significance for Swiss Raspberry Field

A panoramic view of Swiss raspberry field equipped with Insolight

The Swiss raspberry field benefits greatly from this Agrisolar project as it allows continued cultivation while harnessing solar energy with very minimal impact on land use. Further, it also opens doors to new possibilities of smart farming in Switzerland.

Implication for Sustainable Agriculture

While the world is striving towards sustainability, projects like these are a great leap towards integrating renewable energy into agriculture, further boosting sustainable farming practices.

In conclusion, the commissioning of the Agrisolar project by Insolight in the Swiss Raspberry field is a groundbreaking move towards green and sustainable agriculture. It fosters the symbiosis of farming and renewable energy generation, emphasizing Insolight’s crucial role in pushing the boundaries of sustainable practices.

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